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2023 FFA Rodeo Info

***The 2023 payout will be posted as soon as it's ready.  We are so sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience.

The DRAW is posted under the 2023 FFA Rodeo Info tab above.

Please see attachment at the bottom of this page for arrival and stalling information.

The draw posted here is just for the 1st go.  The 2nd go will be run in reverse order down to number 11.  Numbers 1-10 in the draw will run in the 7pm Perf Monday night. 

Please text 832-296-5375 if you have any questions about the draw or go order.

Please contact Denise Blackwell, 830-258-3465, if there is an issue with the posted draw. 

The Texas FFA Rodeo is held in conjunction with the Texas FFA Convention.
Sunday, July 9th - Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Fair Park Coliseum in Dallas, Texas

Contestant Information

- No one is allowed on the grounds at Fair Park to check in prior to 2:00 pm Sunday July 9th due to other events.  

 - Enter through Fair Park Gate 12 and park in lot 12A.  Contestant parking will be free.  

  - Coggins’s papers will be checked upon arrival. If you don't have a current Coggins test, you will not be allowed on the grounds.   (TAHC, Texas Animal Health Commission, will be onsite at some point to verify)   *Please click on the following link and complete your coggins info prior to arrival to speed up the process. 
~Coggins link: https://forms.gle/Q3FuSRtMTtGpY6iD7

*After coggins check you will be directed to the stall area to pay for your stalls (cash or card only) and get your stall assignment.  
*IF YOU FORGOT to request your stall/s on your entry or the number you need has increased, please fill out the form below so we can ensure you have one upon arrival.
Need an additional stall?  Click here: https://forms.gle/4TaoNmazFnPectQ18
*REMINDER: shavings will be $10 a bag

Spectator Information
 - Spectators/guests, please enter through Gate 11.
 - No cost for admission - $10 per vehicle parking 

Rodeo Schedule
Sunday, July 9- 7pm:
1st go Barrels- runs 1-111
1st go Goats- runs 1-32

Monday, July 10- 8am:
1st go Breakaway- runs 1-67
1st go Tiedown- runs 1-34
1st go Team Roping- runs 1-44
1st go Steer Wrestling- runs 1-5

~Monday, July 10th- immediately following completion of the 1st go, we will begin the 2nd go in reverse order (number 1-10 in 1st go will have 2nd go at 7pm Monday evening)
2nd go Breakaway- runs 67-11
2nd go Tie Down- runs 34-11
2nd go Goats- runs 32-11
2nd go Team Roping- runs 44-11
2nd go Barrels- runs 111-11 

Monday, July 10th- 7pm or immediately following the 2nd go:
Bareback- 4-1
Saddle Bronc- 5-1
2nd go Steer Wrestling- runs 5-1
2nd go Breakaway- runs 10-1
2nd go Tie Down- runs 10-1
2nd go Goats- runs 10-1
2nd go Team Roping- runs 10-1
2nd go Barrels- runs 10-1
Bull Riding- 12-1

Tuesday, July 11, 10am, Short Go (top 10 on Average in each event) Draw to be posted @ www.texasffarodeo.ffanow.org after the completion of barrel slack Monday night. 
Bareback- 4 runs
Saddle Bronc- 5 runs
Steer Wrestling- 5 runs
Breakaway- 10 runs 
Tie Down- 10 runs
Goats- 10 runs
Team Roping- 10 runs
Barrels- 10 runs
Bull Riding- 12 runs

*Concessions will be available (cash or card)

Thanks to Our Sponsors:
Superior Trophies and Buckles, The Hat Store in Houston, Texas, Cavender's Boot City, and the State Fair of Texas
$1000 Scholarships for the event winners will be awarded Tuesday after the finals short go!

* Don't forget to pick up your 2023 shirt while they last:  


Fair Park Contestant Arrival Map Texas FFA Rodeo Admin 6/29/2023 156 KB
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