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The short go Top 10 are posted for the finals Tuesday 5pm...check below ...

** THE updated 7-1-21 DRAW IS POSTED - CHECK THE TAB

EXCITING NEWS FROM PRCA!... (click on the attached letter for more details)

Based upon the number of entries we will qualify the following slots to the 2022 Jr. NFR...
BB - 2 entered - If both score will qualify
SB - 4 entered - 2 qualify
BR - 7 entered - 3 qualify
SW - 5 entered - 3 qualify
TR - 35 entered - 10 teams qualify
TD - 21 entered - 6 qualify
GBR - 81 entered - 15 qualify
BKWY  - 51 entered - 12 qualify
(No goat tying) 

The Texas FFA Rodeo is held in conjunction with the State Convention each year.

This year the 2021 State FFA Convention will be held in Ft. Worth July 6th - 9th. 

So the 2021 Texas FFA Rodeo will be held on Monday July 5th and Tuesday July 6th at the indoor arena in Alvarado, The 1017 Arena.    (formerly Shepherds Valley Cowboy Church).

Arena Physical Address:  8901 US-67   Alvarado, TX 76009

 Call for Stall/RV Reservations:  817-905-5076
Arena office:  817-905-7789  
 (call this number if you have on site general questions, or are within 48 hours of your reservation beginning.)
Monday July 5th, 2021

8:00 a.m.  - 1st go all events (barrel racers: except the 10 that request in the Monday night performance)
Then immediately following,
2nd round is ran in your REVERSE draw order. 
(Except Barrels - Their 2nd round will be Tuesday 8am.) 
7:00 p.m. - Performance starts:
Long round of all rough stock 

(Barrel Racers:  if you want to be one of the 10 in the Monday night performance you must email the secretary at to request that.  1st 10 to email will get the perf.  And will be drawn for run order.

* all of the other events besides barrel racing are not allowed to request a performance. They will just be randomly drawn in to the Monday night performance.

Barrel racers please note, if you chose the performance on Monday 7pm as your 1st round run, all of the barrels 2nd round is Tuesday 8am.)

Tuesday July 6th, 2021
8:00 am - 2nd go Barrels
5:00 p.m. - FINALS short round:

top 10 contestants on two, in each timed event & all rough stock

HUGE Thanks to our sponsors who donated the awards "Superior Trophies & Buckles" and "The Hat Store" in Houston, TX.
We appreciate your support!

$1000 Scholarships for the Event Winners will be awarded TUESDAY NIGHT AFTER THE FINALS SHORT GO!

Rough stock will have a long go and a short go with a maximum of ten. If ten contestants don’t
cover in the long round, they are still invited back to win short round money, but are not eligible for the
average $1000 scholarship.
In the timed events, the average is figured on 2 head and the top 10 are invited
back. So the average is defined as “fastest time on 2 or 3 head or total average head.”


***  Rough stock contestants can pick up their convention wristbands Monday at 6 pm (before their 1st go in the 7 pm performance)
No need to check in earlier than that.  ***
***   All other timed events can get theirs anytime Monday during the day PRIOR TO THEIR EVENT   ***

Entries will be postmarked by Monday June 14th  NO LATER.
$150 per event

Texas FFA Advisors: This year, Texas FFA Convention Rodeo registration will be found on the Texas FFA Roster System along with regular State Convention registration. We hope this may alleviate any membership issues.

How to Register Students Through Texas FFA Roster System:

The Texas FFA Rodeo Registration will open through the Texas FFA Roster System.
  1. The Advisor will click on "Event Registration," "2021 Texas FFA Convention," then "Manage Registration." 
  2. Enter convention accommodation information to get past that screen. 
  3. Click "edit" on the right-hand side to register the student for convention.
  4. Enter each student for the Rodeo. 
  5. Open and print the .pdf file entry form needs to obtain signatures
  6. Mail completed form with payment [money order/cashiers check/school checks ONLY] made out to "Texas FFA"  - NO PERSONAL CHECKS!!!!!!!!  

** Contestants:  PLEASE try to mail your entries certified mail!  There have been issues in the past with the USPS losing entries.  Certified mail ensures that they are trackable.**

Entry fee deadline: Monday June 14th 
Late entry deadline: no late entries!  After June 14th: no entries will be accepted ...period!

2021 Stock Contractor: 
Champion Rodeo Company, Bob & National Champion

Stall Reservations: 
Contact Stalls and RV hookups are to be booked directly with the Arena
Call for Stall/RV Reservations:  817-905-5076

Your 2021 State FFA Rodeo Photographer is: 


Aaron Alejandro, Texas FFA Foundation Executive Director 

In order to fund your event scholarship awards, the recipient must complete and return the attached Award Acceptance Agreement, copy of the thank you letter they sent the donor (Texas FFA Association) and proof of full-time enrollment. All documents must be in pdf or Word format and be attached to ONE email.

They can also see our website  / scholarship recipients / how to claim award.


Scholarship award acceptance Texas FFA Rodeo Admin 8/21/2014 86 KB
PRCA Jr NFR letter Texas FFA Rodeo Admin 6/23/2021 114 KB
Calf Roping top 10 Texas FFA Rodeo Admin 7/5/2021 4082 KB
Team roping top 10 Texas FFA Rodeo Admin 7/5/2021 4113 KB
Breakaway top 10 Texas FFA Rodeo Admin 7/5/2021 3968 KB



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