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Schedule & Draw & STALLS
Stall assignments are attached below...
  • -If you did not indicate that they needed a stall, there are no additional stalls available and they will need to arrange for stalls somewhere other than Will Rogers
  • Please find overnight stalling locations nearby here:
  • Benbrook Stables, 817-249-1001
  • Hooves N Wheels, 817-599-4686 (Weatherford – has RVs too)
  • NRS, 940-627-3949, (Decatur – has RVs too)
  • Outlaw Equine, 940-626-8387 (office) 817-999-8025 (after hours #) (Decatur)
No need to check in!


 Sunday July 10th, 2022: 
7:00 pm - 106 runs, all barrels 1st go
 Monday July 11th, 2022
9:00 am:
30 tiedown runs 1st go 
45 team roping runs 1st go
7 steer wrestling 1st go
 ***   2nd round is ran in your REVERSE draw order ***
20 tiedown runs 2nd go #30-11
35 team roping runs 2nd go #45-11
60 breakaway runs 1st go
27 goat tying runs 1st go
50 breakaway runs 2nd go #60-11
 17 goat tying runs 2nd go #27-11
(numbers 10 down to 1 will run in that order in the performance Monday 7pm)
7:00 pm perf - 
10 Bulls 
7 steer wrestling (2nd go #7 - #1)
10 breakaway (2nd go#10-#1)
5 Bareback
6 saddle bronc
 10 tiedown (2nd go #10-#1)
 10 team roping (2nd go #10-#1)
 10 goat tying (2nd go #10-#1)
 10 barrels (2nd go #106-#97)
 11 bulls

 SLACK after performance: approximately 9:45pm: 

96 barrel runs 2nd go #96-1 

Tuesday July 12th, 2021
2:00 pm - FINALS short round: (SAME ORDER OF EVENTS as previous nights perf)
top 10 fastest contestants on two, in each timed event & ALL rough stock contestants
$1000 Scholarships for the Event Winners will be awarded TUESDAY AFTER THE FINALS SHORT GO!
ATTN ROUGHSTOCK:  if you do not cover your first one, you are NOT eligible for scholarship. All roughstock events are one long go and a short go.  Therefore you must cover the first one in the long go to be eligible for the scholarship;  EVEN IF there are less than 10 contestants and you are invited back to the short go to compete for round money (no prizes). 

**  The rule from the rule book reads: 

44. Roughstock short round procedure: There will be a maximum of 10 contestants in the short round unless tie at 10th . Rider must have competed in the Long go to make it to the short go. If there are less than 10 entered in the roughstock event, we will take all to the Short go contestants to fill the performance. If more than 10 we will fill by score, then by time. Rider must have covered and received a score in the long go to qualify for the average and scholarship. If rider qualifies for the short go on time not a score, rider is only competing for the short round money and no average money or scholarship. If no one has a qualified ride in the long go, ground money will be paid.




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